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8/25/2010 06:24:53

I dreamt of my black and white Netherland Dwarf rabbit, that I used to have nearly 20 years ago. She appeared from under a wall where someone was digging holes and had grown to twice her normal size. A smaller rabbit sat beside her. I cradled her in my arms and she loved the affection and cuddles. It showed clearly on her face.

8/26/2010 03:52:37

Last night I dreamt a friend of mine was covered in spots and she seemed unwell, she was needing to lean on me as she walked. I took her to the nurse , but the nurse seemed disinterested. No one but me seemed to be caring or worrying about her.

11/28/2010 18:15:42

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12/14/2010 23:43:28

The sky gives space and peace and serenity

6/10/2011 17:24:48

I dreamt I was searching outside of the box. As we see an ant but I doubt it see's us, I was trying to be the ant looking up searching for that which we cannot see, but who sees us.
As I stood with my back to the wall I called out my mothers name, and felt every cell within my body explode, as if each cell within my body had a tiny atom bomb exploding and growing. As the sensation became stronger I grew more frightened. I called out my partners name ,but no sound came from my voice. I continued to call her name and shout for help.
Eventually I woke and she asked me if I was ok.

9/28/2012 00:04:17

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10/10/2015 13:10:02

I had another of my weird dreams last night, actually it was almost a repeat of a previous dream. I dreamt that we had a cute new pet at home ... a baby elephant! Obviously plenty of noise, food and "mess". As nobody was able to look after it one day, I had to take it to work by tube. Once at work I had to leave it outside the office although I checked up on it several times during the day, including take it for walkies.


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